Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nice rack you have there

So I have this rack. Well a couple of racks on the wall in my craft room. They were built by me and I think complete genius. But...I needed another one because this genius didn't make the last one big enough.  I thought "I will only need it to hold these 3 punches". Yeah right.
So now I made a new one just to hold my nice Ikea jars that will hold bits of ribbon and other colorful things that don't have a regular place to be. The shelf (or rack) is built but there it sits....waiting for paint. Paint that existed when I made the other shelves (or racks) but paint that cannot be found now. Somewhere on the paint can designated shelves (not racks) in the garage was THIS can of paint but not there now.
These shelves (or racks) are white but not just plain white..they are kind of off white but not beige...just not pure white. And as the shelf (or rack) is small I don't want to go to the hardware store and buy a whole quart when I need about 4 maybe 8 oz.'s!


So there sits my shelf (or rack) and my poor Ikea jars just waiting to sit on their new shelf (or rack). Oh don't be fooled by the primer coat of white on there. That is not what I was going for!

Anyone have a bit of left over white but not pure white but not beige paint I can borrow?