Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily 2012

Well I finally did it. I have wanted to do a December Daily album for the last couple of years but never made it happen. As a friend of mine said "I struggle with the daily part of December Daily". So true. So each time I failed miserably but oh not this year! I will conquer this beast.

My best friend and I spent the day together in my workroom putting together our albums. Having them all ready is a big plus. All I need to do it take a picture, jot down a story and move on. I don't have a photo printer at home (hello Santa!) so I am going to print them out at CVS once a biggy.

My album doesn't have a lot of room for journalling so what I did was created a This Week page where I can sum up the week. Each picture will have some kind of words to describe what was going on at the time.

This is my cover page

Here is day one. (Yes mom I know Advent did not technically start on December 1st this year!)

The advent calendar is a Kerri Bradford design Christmas Countdown.  This is what it looks like all together.

The frame I purchased at The Christmas Tree Shop for about $5.00 I think. Took the glass etc out and my DH took some dowels, painted them black and drilled holes into the sides of the frame and tadah!
I have each little box hanging using Ikea Deka hooks. My husband has a sweet tooth so each one if filled with a tiny piece of chocolate.

Day two is still in the camera but I will try and catch up later today. Who knows...I may actually post here every day! Don't get your hopes up :)