Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So many to-do's so little time

I have had to make a to-do list. I hate to-do lists. Makes me feel more overwelmed to look at said to-do list. Did I mention that I hate to-do lists?

So here is what's on the bad boy:

Mail nomination letters to Auxiliary members
Put backing on baby quilt
Make birthday cards for sister-in-laws (before I have to make a belated one)
Put my Stampin Up stamps on Ebay to get rid of....sell I mean
Finish Memorial Day program and send to print (before Memorial Day)
Get some exercise in this week you lazy ........
Grocery store. (the place that has food in it making it possible to eat)
Go to Lowes to get herbs (so that if I never get to the grocery store we can at least eat basil)
Get something to wear for Memorial Day services (so that this year when I see myself on tv and gasp at how much heavier you look on camera I will at least like the shirt I am wearing)

Somewhere on this should be 'buy case of wine' but I think we all know that is just a give in.

1 comment:

  1. Once again, your lists/likes are so similar to mine! Except that I like to-do lists (at least when I cross off items).

    At this rate, my entire three-day weekend is booked!