Saturday, May 3, 2014

You don't bring me flowers

That's OK I'll make my own!

I saw a picture on the Silhouette board of this bunch of flowers done by Nicole Mantooth and I just had to make one myself! I love the 3d projects I can make with my Silhouette.

I just picked several flower designs from my library and different leaf and branch files. A little resizing here and there then assembly. I hot glued a floral cloth wire to the back of my flowers and glued a bit of thin floral green wire to the backs of the stems so I could bend them a bit to make more realistic.
A bit of foam in my simple vase, arranged the everlasting flowers and I now have this gorgeous bouquet to look at everyday!

Someday I wonder what my life was like before I bought my Silhouette machine but I bet I got more housework done!


  1. Very pretty. Those look fantastic!

  2. Oh Jane, that is a great idea! I was just thinking I need to buy flowers to brighten up my cubicle. Your way would last all summer!!!

    1. They will! I have 2 3d sunflowers also on my desk!