Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome December

Here it comes again. The fastest month of the year. It happens before you know it then is gone in a flash and you are left curled on the floor in a puddle of wrapping paper and ribbon. Sometimes I wish I still "believed" in the meaning of the holiday. It would make it much more enjoyable I am sure. Instead it is about planning and shopping and stressing and parties and lists, lots and lots of lists.
My DH is not a fan of Christmas at all. I wanted to make a special candy advent calendar for him so he could get a treat each day and maybe have some fun but that idea was lost in the Thanksgiving shuffle. How could I possibly make time now? Well as I do every year I made a Christmas organizer book which is supposed to keep me on track. Here is a shot of this master of organization.


I will let you know how this worked out...sure. The tabs are Calendar, To Do, To Buy and To Send (which has a list of all the cards I need to send). OH GOD...I need to get the cards ready to go out! Did I mention I make my cards most years. I deserve to be stressed!

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