Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing....I have nothing

I am so overwhelmed with life and work that I have not been able to sit down and create anything! I move from project to project trying to find that "feeling" and nothing.

When I sit at my desk I have a rainbow of Copic markers calling my name. If I turn to the right my sewing machines are starting to feel neglected and covered in dust. To the left is my work counter. Covered in unfinished projects and ideas. I even have a basket with unfinished quilts in it. Apparently I want to see how many can NOT be finished by the time I leave this earth. So far I am winning.

I used to think that being talented was a gift. The ability to make or do anything was so great(except I can't play the piano and that still pisses me off). But sometimes you get out of control with projects or ideas and it is like being a kid who says he isn't tired but you find him slumped over on the floor sound asleep.

I sometimes think I should find one thing and just do that. But what fun would that be? A factoid....I make quilts and I do not hang them on the wall or put them on my beds. I am not a quilt person. Although I do make mostly contemporary ones...they are still just a bit country looking for me. So what good is that craft you ask? Quilting is a skill and it must be conquered!!!!!! And the precision of it is right up my ally. Scrapbooking? Haven't figured this one out yet. I have no kids to scrapbook, just a cat and a husband...oh sure throw in the nieces and nephews and maybe the grand kids (figure it out on your own!)but why do I do it? Who is going to want to read my story when I am gone?

I could go on but I am already overwhelmed and would collapse in a heap if I totalled it all up so lets just let it be shall we.

I will focus again someday I know I will. Just trying to ride this tide of creative overloadness (yes I made up that word).

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  1. I haven't really had a good chunk of time to be creative in a long time. And I miss it. Around the holidays, my scrap room became the general dumping ground. Now when I go in there I'm overwhelmed by the piles and spend all my free time reorganizing, sorting and tossing!

    I don't have kids either but I love scrapbooking. Why? Because I like having the words and the pictures together for the PRESENT (not the future ancestors). It's so much easier to show someone a pretty page with the journaling compared to firing up the laptop and scrolling through photos while you narrate.

    My girlfriends are trying to commit to one Friday night a month for scrapping and general girl time. I hope it helps with my creative slump!