Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Barefoot Lunch

This past June one of my neices Meghan and her friend Kate came to Boston and we had lunch together at my house. Not just any lunch mind you. We had a BAREFOOT CONTESSA lunch! Oh yeah!
I learned a few years ago that my neice shares my passion for all things Barefoot and as it should be with any friend so does Kate. So when they agreed to come to lunch I made a Barefoot inspired lunch not just some average Joe lunch no sir not for my girls. Everything we ate was made out of her cookbooks. I even went in hot persuit the day before for the perfect wine know the ones she uses that don't look like your average wine glass. What. You don't?

The table was set in Barefoot fashion (without said wine glasses). We started with guacamole, chips and wine then sat down to burgers with arugula, tomato and blue cheese and wine. Oh my stinkin heck those suckers were delicious...the burgers that goes without saying. I made a side of corn salad which could have used some work. My fault not Ina's. She said NOT to use frozen corn but I thumbed my nose at her advice and it did it anyway. DO NOT ignore the Barefoot advice!

I took some pictures before the girls got here knowing full well I was going to do a scrapbook page of the day but forgot to take one of the girls when they were here! I had to shanghai a picture from Meg's Facebook page (although it happens to be one of my favorite pictures of the 2 of them). My Meggoo is on the left and adorable Kate on the right. The page is a hybrid page. Mostly done on computer but mounted on card stock. I love these kind of pages as they are easy to get done. I had the pictures, I had a template and Lord knows I have plenty of card stock.

So yet another day in the life scrapbooked for no one other than me. Blogged for the 2 people who read my know who you are.


  1. I hope on that list of 2!! ...Sue

  2. This is a great page - clean and graphic is my favourite!