Saturday, September 10, 2011

But blogging is hard!

It is hard! If you want people to follow it you have to keep it up. You have to nurse it each day or at least each week.  I want the people I just don't have the time. Oh I have the subject matter that is for sure just no time. I have however learned that there are now 3 people who read my blog! That is a major milestone in my eyes. Next thing you know there will be 4 then 5 and what if there were 10? I need to go listen to my relaxation app on my ipad now thank you.

So now onto a bit of my "life in general" day. I went shopping today! Get out! I did! At the mall no less. For those that don't know me and that would be everyone but the 2 no make that 3 people who read my blog...I work at home. I am lucky enough to have a job I love and get to work out of my house. The problem get sloppy. Oh yeah, we are talking a lot of yoga pants here people and a bushel of white t-shirts and never any makeup. Say it ain't so Jane! As I am tired of looking like crap, although at least a clean showered piece of crap I decided to head back to the Clinique counter at Macy's for a financial blow out! I have been scraping every last bit out of all the samples I get in those stupid gift sets they "give" you. And yes I am aware of the irony in the word give. Forty dollars for some pore reducing serum, yeah I need that. Oh and the 7 day scrub. I cannot be without my 7 day scrub and I do not kid. I am telling you everyone has to have this. I have used it for years and love love love it. But I have been out of it for a while now and my skin is probably looking a bit dull. Yes dull. So I added on the mild soap cleanser and my Dramatically Different Moisturizer and $106.00 later I was bouncing out the door. Ah retail therapy...nothing like it. Oh and the nice sales girl suckered me into locking in my free gift in October! Do you know how many of those damn crappy little cosmetic bags I have gotten over the years. I try to tell them "just give me the product and keep the bags". They always come back with "oh but you may have a little one that would love to play with the bags".  I have no little ones, just a cat and I don't think he would be interested in the newest Clinique cosmetic bag if it was not big enough for him to crawl into.

How was your day?

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