Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh My Stinkin Heck check out this page!

I am a lover of all things Kerri Bradford. Kerri is so amazing! Really her designs are just a go to for any page you are creating. I have gone through many stages of scrapbooking...the sticker phase, the embellishment phase, the simple phase, the artsy phase....and now I am finding myself knee deep in the Kerri phase! Using cuts from my Silhouette with my pages...Hello!  Don't get me wrong I love a hybrid digital page just like the next scrappy girl but these cut files are just great!

Pictures.....die cuts.......DONE!

Pumpkin page

These are from her This and That Autumn kit. I went pumpkin shopping this past weekend to get what I needed to make a pumpkin topiary for the front entry and took pictures like any other crazy scrapbooker would do knowing I was going to make a page to commemorate the event. And yes...pumpkin shopping is considered "an event".

As always, my pictures are not perfect and my page has some design flaws but I love it! It may not have a lot or any journalling to tell the be it.'s about the pumpkins. Who cares that I drove to Sudbury and went to Russell's Garden Center and took over an hour or more to pick out three perfectly sized pumpkins to make a pumpkin topiary because I saw this idea on Better Homes and Garden!

Thank you Kerri for your wonderful designs. Thank you also to Nicole Magourik who I totally scrap-lifted my design from. CHECK! Another moment documented.

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  1. Jane, I *love* it!! I just used Kerri's free Happiness Is file for the title of a page. I'll have to post it soon. We should try to get together and craft soon.