Sunday, October 7, 2012

I did tell you I steal ideas right?

I know I have told you this before but just in case you don't remember...I hardly ever come up with my own ideas! There I said it. I feel so much better now. You see I have a lot of blogs I read where I get ideas and don't get me started on Pinterest! Holy cow that site can suck up all your free time. So I see things I like and I copy them. Isn't that why people post them? I wish I had an ounce of the ability to come up with my own ideas but I struggle with conception.

So to continue with my affliction I saw this little number the other day on the Silhouette blog from A Little Hut and I had to make it! When someone already invented the wheel who am I to say I could do better right?

Putting together the actual cage takes some patience if you don't have teeny tiny fingers so just take it slow. I used 1/8" Scor-Tape on the scored edges then pieced it together....again with a bit of frustration but in the end it was just fine.

The ghosts I cut with my Silhouette. I took the ghost shape in the Silhouette software and removed the eyes and mouth so I had just an outline. Cut this out of my favorite American Craft black cardstock...stuff cuts like buttah! Then I cut the original ghost shapes that included the eyes and mouths out of white cardstock. Glittered the white piece then glued it to the black cardstock. Easy peasy.

The Boo banner was cut using Claudine Hellmuth sticky-back canvas. I printed out the letters B O O and ran the sheet through my printer then cut them out. The banner is just run through my sewing machine to create the string. If you have never used this sticky-back canvas you must! The things you can do with this is endless.

Other than that just some other little pieces cut and attached. The spider is from a recent Kerri Bradford All Hallows Eve kit I
                                                               purchased. He is glittered also.

Once it was all together I put a battery operated tea light in the cage. It is so cute lit up at night.

Halloween decor is in full swing in our house. Why I don't know, we don't get any trick or treaters and lord knows my husband is not into holiday decor so I do it for me!

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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