Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My thoughts have turned to fall already. The days are still hot I know but we are almost to the middle of August and time is rushing on. I absolutely love September. I don't know why but I always have. When I was a kid September meant leaving the Cape and starting school again. Leaving behind long days filled with swimming lessons, bike rides to the general store and putting on plays in the backyard. Coming home meant getting reacquainted with neighborhood friends and preparing for the new year at school. Now as an adult there is no leaving and coming home but just a change in month, weather and my feelings. Even though I will not be starting something new there is still this sense of change when September comes along. I chose the month of September to get married perhaps for that very reason...a beginning, change.

I just turned 50 this past week and something tells me I should not be rushing the days away. "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time". Thank you James...I think I will.

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