Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation

We are back from a 2 week vacation in Bridgton Maine. The house we rented is right on Highland Lake. This was the second year we rented this house. Darling husband's parents owned a couple of houses on this lake many years ago and he always wanted to go back so back we went. Although this lake looks gorgeous I have issues... I spent my childhood summers on the Cape. I am an ocean girl. I am not partial to lakes. The ocean has a nice sandy bottom. Lakes have a mucky, rocky, creepy bottom to them. I am always afraid a snake is going to slither by. Yes oceans do have sharks and other things but they do not exist in my imagined scenario.

I have about 200 pictures to weed through and come up with a scrapbook page. I will probably do it digitally due to the amount of pictures that will be used. As soon as it is completed I will post it.

KitKat survived us being away but apparently his talk button was broken while we were gone. He used to meow up a storm with me every day now I barely get a word or meow out of him. Will have to dig into this issue. I cannot have a cat with a faulty talk button.

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  1. The cat is not talking cuz he's mad at you for leaving. My dog always poops in the middle of the yard when he's mad at me ...he generally has a poop corner.